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The organisation of Rena Castings B.V. consists of approx. 50 employees. About 35 employees work in the automated high-pressure die casting, automated CNC machining and the logistics departments. The Technical services department provides technical support and manufacturing of production tools, with 4 employees. The Sales & Development department, in cooperation with the Technical Services Department, takes care of an important part of the production automation. Production Management takes care of the operational activities within the organisation. The Sales & Development, Financial Administration and Quality Service departments also act as support services. Under the leadership of the Board of Directors, the policy and strategy are determined in a 6-member Management Team.


Managing Director: I. Crooijmans MSc
Dr. Ir. M. Crooijmans
Commercial and Technical Director: Ing. E. Vijfvinkel

Head of Production: I. Crooijmans MSc
Head of Logistics:
I. Crooijmans MSc
Head of Sales & Development:
Ing. E. Vijfvinkel
Head of Projects: Ing. R. Kurvers
Head of Quality: Ing. A. Grubben
Head of Administration: C. van Bekerom


History, how it all started

Rena Castings was founded in 1955 by taking over some departments of Sales Office Venlo. In the beginning mainly religious articles and name plates were made. Five years later, in 1960, the company started producing technical products. In the intervening years, Rena Castings has undergone several transformations.

For example, the coquilles were replaced by smaller die casting machines and the materials lead, tin, brass and zamak disappeared. The material aluminium has always remained, which is why Rena Castings has specialised in this field. Since then, Rena Castings has acquired an enormous amount of technical knowledge in the field of aluminium high-pressure die casting and CNC machining.

Sales & Development

The Sales & Development department is the first and most important point of contact that you, as a customer, have within Rena Castings. This starts as early as the development phase, in which you make your concept, your wishes and requirements known.
The strength of Rena Castings is that we can convert these ideas and requirements into your high-pressure die casting component by means of in-depth engineering.

We can save costs for you at an early stage!

"After all, good design leads to optimal control of production costs."


Sales & Development remains your central point of contact within Rena Castings. This applies to the quotation process, but also during the entire technical realisation of your new product. Short, clear lines.
We ensure the right communication with our toolmakers, the various production departments and our logistics centre. At the end of the line, you can expect a solution that fully meets your specific requirements!

Your Sales & Development contacts have an excellent technical background. They specialize in our processes and therefore know exactly what the possibilities are with regard to your product and its production.

Our Mission

"Rena Castings distinguishes itself as a manufacturer and specialist of aluminum high-pressure die casting products with a high customer value experience by focusing on cost price, reliability and process-technical creativity."

How do we do this?

  • Smart design / engineering of castings
  • Automation and robotization
  • Constant quality improvement of the production process (lean manufacturing)
  • Constant improvement of knowledge of employees
  • Smart logistics

The result is a perfect quality of casted/machined parts at the best price-quality ratio.


Rena Castings is an IATF-16949 certified production company. This indicates that we are a learning organisation: we continuously evaluate ourselves and look for improvements where possible. Every year we are audited by LRQA. Parts for the automotive industry are produced according to the IATF-16949 quality regulations after the PPAP has been completed.

The quality department has, among other things:

  • Two advanced 3D measuring machines (Mitutoyo Euro-C-A544) with a measurement accuracy of 0,001mm.
  • Spectral analysis device
  • X-ray device 5-axis including image processing software
  • Hydac contamination test unit (for cleanliness measurements)
  • Differential pressure leak test equipment

In the project phase, the checks that have to be carried out during the production process are determined together with the customer. These are related to risks with respect to related to functionality, durability and cosmetic requirements. In order to categorize the risks, we always make an FMEA during the project phase.


IATF 16949-2016 logo

IATF 16949:2016


DAF 10 PPM Award


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